Could the 2016 Presidential Election end in a tie?

I’m trying out, Just published the following there:

It isn’t hard to predict who will win an election within the Electoral College system. Predicting the future is a different story, but elections held today or tomorrow are fairly easy to forecast. Here we’ll look at the electoral college system, the tools available to analyze polls , then try creating an electoral college map … (more on medium)

Click the map to create your own at

trumpWap – Make the web great again

This is fantastic, I’d love to bring TrumpWap to a coffee shop and name the access point “Google Starbucks” and enjoy the show.

Remember when almost every image on the internet was trump?

With trumpWAP, we can make the web great again. This is huge.


Plug in the trumpWap and on day-1 you’ll get between 20% and 90% more trump (depending on your browsing habits). It’s that simple.


Continue reading for more examples of trumped up websites & apps, a perfunctory video demonstration, and info on getting your own trumpWAP!

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