Blog of the Week: The Ranting Papizilla

One of my favorites is The Ranting Papizilla.  This is more the collection of rants on different topics style blog, and it’s done very well.  I like how his categories are across the top as a sub menu. I might have to steal that one day.

Papizilla’s not afraid to let you know his opinion.  He was one of the first people I saw talking about the fiscal cliff after the election. His Politics posts are great because he’s not a tow the party line guy either, and as he says in that post “ will continue to make fun of politicians, point out their stupidity and ridiculous statements, sports stuff, my ever popular rants and movie reviews.”

So enjoy looking at the world for a bit through the lens called Papizilla.

Blog of the Week: Cobbled Toolbox

Cobbled Toolbox is a photography blog.  I noticed it through the Daily Photo Challenge.  I love the photo blogs particularly since I’m not a photographer. All my pics are haphazard cell phone shots.  Cobbled Toolbox however has serious skills.  Great colors and clever subjects.

This photo Peace should be in a museum.  These Bright photos were taken in Brazil.  They make me want to sit in one of those chairs and do nothing.  Enjoy the great photos!


Blog of the Week: Mikeybalzzfishing

This weeks blog is Mikeybalzzfishing.  Mikeybalzz has great videos that effectively capture fishing techniques. I’ve learned some great tips watching the videos alone.

Mikey also has a really cool and straightforward voice to his writing. So you end up learning in three ways. Watching him fish, hearing him discuss what he’s doing, and then reading about it.

As Mikeyballz says, “The world is small, and most people like to fish” .

Blog of the Week: Add Grain On Earth

One fun thing about blogging is the interactions with other bloggers.  Fellow bloggers can be very supportive, even when their style is very different from ours.  I had no idea there were so many varied things being done with sites like WordPress.  One of the most interesting and enjoyable is today’s “Blog of the Week” , Sydney Fong‘s Add Grain on Earth.

Sydney writes very nice poems and occasional prose. The short pieces of ethereal music that accompany each post seem to last just long enough to read each piece.  He skillfully employs personification and allows us to hear from anything from bridges and statues to shark fins cut for soup. He’s quite prolific , sometimes posting twice a day, yet all the pieces are lovely works of art.  Sydney lives in Singapore.  It’s great to be able to taken on a journey from a writer so far away.  So enjoy some beautiful stories at Add Grain on Earth.