Mì Xào Bò (Noodles stir fried with Beef)

I got this plate of Mì Xào Bò, along with the delicious fruit and yogurt
shake for under $4 US at Tương Khánh, on De Tham St. , about a 5 minute
walk south of Bùi Viện st.Vietnam is famous for it’s Pho, or noodles. Pho is served in a broth,
almost like a soup. But this dish, Mì Xào Bò (pronounced “mee saow bow” )
is a great alternative when you want something more solid.Bùi Viện st. has great restaraunts geared towards tourists. But just 5
minutes south on De Tham st., the food is better, cheaper, and more
authentic at Thương Khánh.

via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/dX374D