This day 2 years ago. Day 1.

God bless Luca and his family.


August 28, 2014. Thursday. One of the greatest and craziest days of my life. I became a father.

My wife was scheduled for a c-section to deliver our first child, our son Luca, who would be born with a Congenital heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome that required immediate open heart surgery.

We left our Redondo beach condo for the hospital around 6am and drove to Hollywood Presbyterian where Luca was scheduled to be delivered before he would be transferred to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Before arrival to the hospital we checked into our room at the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House where families stay when they have children or family being treated at CHLA, which was conveniently just only one block away.

After waiting for hours while preparations were ongoing, Megan went back to the delivery room before me as I waited in the hallway so she could…

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Hillary Clinton’s solid 260 Electoral Votes

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The recent significant democratic convention bounce in the polls may or not fade over the next couple weeks. Regardless of any fade, there are 260 votes outside of the swing states that are now securely in Hillary Clinton’s camp… (More on medium )