Hurricane Sandy: Shelters and Power Outages

Google has some useful maps, this one shows power outages and available shelters.

Power Outages:  Click on the lightning bolts for more detailed regional maps.

Shelters: Click the checkbox labeled Emergency Shelters to the right of the map to show pink dots with detailed shelter information.

Hurricane Sandy’s 1000 Mile Tail

Hurricane Sandy passed by Florida several days ago. We had a few days of 30
+ mile an hour winds. I thought that was it, then last night I heard winds
whipping through the house.

It turns out the tail of Sandy was tearing through Florida. Check out the
image and see how far away from Sandy her tail is as it passes over Florida.

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Watching Hurricane Sandy: Storm Surge and Tide Heights

High Tides

As the hurricane hits New Jersey tonight  just south of Manhattan, a good way to measure storm surge is to track tide heights.

At you can track tide heights at any NOAA station.

Tides this morning at Sandy Hook, NJ were 3 foot above normal.  High Tides will be even greater at 8:30 PM tonight , just before the storm hits, and afterwards at around 9:00 AM Tuesday morning.

This chart shows that the morning high tides were 8 feet above MLLW.  Mean Lowest Low Water is the average of the lowest daily tide.  The Blue line on the graph is the norm, the red is current. Today the high tide height was 8 feet above the low.  Normally high tide is around 5 feet above the low. So this morning there was a 3 foot storm surge in Sandy Hook.

Flood Warnings

Now that we understand MLLW we can interpret these flood warnings.

For example Kings Point, NY is forecast to have a high tide 15 -16 above MLLW.  Normally high tide there is around 8 feet above MLLW,  so that represents a predicted 8 foot storm surge.

Congratulations President Romney

If the election were held today, It’s a toss-up. But Romney wins the popular vote. One state would decide the election, if held today. Ohio.

With the momentum from the Popular vote, I suspect Romney would carry Ohio.

However these polls were all taken before the last debate, which was also considered a toss-up.  It remains to be seen if  Obama has stopped the momentum Romney has built from the first debate.  But since my earlier post congratulated President Obama, I decided now was a good time to give Romney credit for quite a comeback.

Obama still has a distinct advantage.  If he sweeps the other 3 tan states in this map, Colorado, Iowa and New Hampshire, he doesn’t need Ohio.  Romney does need Ohio.   Bookies still favor Obama, and pay 2 to 1 for a Romney victory.  But it’s gonna be a close one.



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