I’ve had pretty good luck seeing snow when I travel around Christmas time.
Lagrangeville is a small town in upstate New York. it was founded by
French settler, and cousin of Henry Hudson, Antoine LaGrange. or something
to that effect. I’m sure if you look it up on Wikipedia there’s a cool
story about how Lagrangeville was founded. Just remember though it’s
Wikipedia, it could be made up.

At 18° F, -8 Celcius, Lagrangeville would be a great vacation spot for a
global warming doubter. Later today I’ll be at a Christmas party with
those who could make it here in the storm. At the party, I’m going to start
a rumor that global warming deniers have gone to Lagrangeville courts to
have thermometers removed from the government buildings, because their
beliefs are violated. If anyone asks you about that, back me up. or
better yet, someone start an article on Wikipedia.

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Ba mươi ba

Saigon, the Vietnamese restaurant in Cocoa Beach, Florida now serves 33
beer, or in Vietnam, Saigon Ðò (red).

Today I had a bottle with a bowl of Pho, delicious.

33 was originally brewed by the French based on a German recipe. It’s now
brewed by Heineken’s Saigon Beer Company in Ho Chi Minh City. Like the
mysterious 33 on a bottle of Rolling Rock, no one knows the exact origin or
reason for the number.

Saigon beers get average ratings on beer review sites, but when accompanied
by a hot bowl of vietnamese noodles (Pho) no beer taste better.

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Mì Xào Bò (Noodles stir fried with Beef)

I got this plate of Mì Xào Bò, along with the delicious fruit and yogurt
shake for under $4 US at Tương Khánh, on De Tham St. , about a 5 minute
walk south of Bùi Viện st.Vietnam is famous for it’s Pho, or noodles. Pho is served in a broth,
almost like a soup. But this dish, Mì Xào Bò (pronounced “mee saow bow” )
is a great alternative when you want something more solid.Bùi Viện st. has great restaraunts geared towards tourists. But just 5
minutes south on De Tham st., the food is better, cheaper, and more
authentic at Thương Khánh.

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