Ahn-Yung Chair

You’re not supposed to take pictures at the Seoul Museum of Art, but I had
to sneak this one. The free wifi is great here. After walking around for
30 minutes, I grabbed a seat on one of these nice red chairs in the middle
of the room and checked my email. I was about 3 emails deep when a soft
spoken security guy said “Excuse me, you’re not supposed to sit there.”I apologised then read a sign in the corner.

Park Yong Seok
Ahn-Yung Chair, 2004
Wood, Stainless steel

It turns out the chairs spell out Ahn Yung, or Hello in Korean. I broke
the universal unwritten rule of Modern Art. No sitting on the art.

via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/dRg6o6

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