Monument in Remembrance of the Korean War

"The tragedy of the Korean War which began early in the morning of June 25,
1950 with North Korea’s illegal invasion of the South, resulted in over 4
million casualties, 10 million dispersed family members, and US $23 Billion
in property damage across the nation.

The Republic of Korea, along with the UN forces from 21 different nations
fought at the risk of their lives in order to protect democracy and
national peace. The war lasted 3 years, 1 month and 2 days and the
Armistice Agreement was signed on July 27, 1953.

In the half of century since the agreement, there has been great change on
this land. Guns have turned into ploughs, cannon smoke into factory smoke,
and gunfire into sounds of love and harmony, establishing the base for well
being and national peace.

In this spirit as we commemorate the tragedy of the war, we erect this war
monument in order to pay tribute to those sacrificed their lives and to
leave the eternal peace to our sons and daughters with the hope and promise
of the unification of the nation."

via Flickr

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