Crossing the International Dateline

In a few hours I will cross the International Date Line, and it will be
Monday. My Sunday today was very short, just enough time to have a bagel
with my friend in Oakland, go to San Francisco airport and make my way
through security. Monday will be short too. I will check into my officetel
in Seoul Korea, then maybe go out and have some Korean food, then it’s time
for bed.

I think I might like to live on the International Date Line. When I cross
it, I will look out the plane window and see if there are any reasonably
priced apartments available. Or maybe I’ll find an officetel.

if I ever live on the International Date Line I would move in on a
Tuesday. My first few days I would practice my Korean, and say things like
Anyoung haseo, and Kum sa mi da. Then on Saturday I would relax and check
out the neighborhood and get some Korean barbq. Late Saturday night, well
Sunday morning at around zero dark thirty, I would go to the east side of
my appartment where Saturday was just starting. Then I would relax and
spend some time catching up with my American friends. Then Sunday, grab a
bagel and watch some football. at the end of the day I would head back to
the west side of the apartment, were it would be Tuesday morning. Then I
would start my week. Some weeks may be different, but I would definitely
have a lot more Saturdays and way fewer Mondays. On some weekdays I would
head to the east side of the apartment, and buy some stocks that had gone
up tomorrow. If anything weird went down over on the west side, like
somebody did a nuclear test, I would head over east side and let President
Obama know what was comming up. He could make some calls, and I could pop
back over to the west side and check the news, then pop back east and let
him know if the calls had worked.

I’ll let you know what it was like to cross the International Date Line,
unless of course you live over there and you’ve read my next post.

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