It’s Time to Stop Killing People with Drones

Anyone who was hurt by The Atrocity on 9/11 understands why the United States bent rules to ensure that it didn’t happen again. We gave president Bush our full support in waging a war on terror, and he  did not let us down.  The world was with us.  UN resolutions  authorizing the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan passed unanimously. Even the resolution 1441 authorizing force if Iraq didn’t comply with earlier resolutions passed. Unanimously.


English: President George W. Bush and Presiden...

English: President George W. Bush and President-elect Barack Obama meet in the Oval Office of the White House Monday, November 10, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In the years that followed, the US  may or may not have broken rules relating to torture outlined in the Geneva convention, but it most certainly bent them.   Bending rules is a slippery slope. For the most part the world, and US citizens were complacent, with the sense that the short-term approach to discouraging organized suicide terrorism was working.


There was however, growing opposition to US terror policies , and by 2004,  President Bush was barely popular enough to be reelected. The 2004 election gave us four more years on the slippery slope.  It also gave us four more years of some very effective anti terror policies.  President Bush understood the importance of a longer term approach to the war on terror.  He made unprecedented investments to fight poverty and encourage freedom.


“There can be no human rights without human liberty.” – George W. Bush


Rule bending continued.


The United States killed the first innocent people with a drone  on June 18th, 2004.   This drone strike that killed two innocent children was also the first known US drone attack.  So the notion that we are saving lives and can be flawless in our condemning   logic crumbled immediately.


IN 2008 we elected Barack Obama, and showed the world the transformative power of democracy.  President elect Obama won the nobel peace prize.  President Obama however knew the dangers of radical change.   He retained virtually every Bush administration major anti terror policy; Guantanamo BayExtraordinary rendition, Secret military tribunals,  Wire tapping,  Controversial FBI Stings, and the deadliest of all, Predator Drone Strikes.


President Obama has already launched 6 times as many drone strikes as President Bush.  And they match them in inaccuracy when it comes to killing innocent civilians.


In the comments section of this latest drone strike report,  ChAliGhafoor  asks:  “so how US feel to kill innocent people along with taliban leader.”  Ghafoor’s question has an excellent continuation phrase.  “Along with taliban leader.”    In the story, The US killed innocent people “along with”, or in the same strike that it killed a taliban leader.   “along with” can also be interpreted as “just like”.  So the question also asks how does it feel to kill innocent people just like taliban leaders do.


It feels wrong Ghafoor.  It feels wrong.





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