Relax everyone, Twinkies aren’t going away

As thousands of headlines declaring the death of the Twinkie have already said, Hostess is filling for bankruptcy.   What few articles mention is that they are filling Chapter 11 which allows for reorganization.

What happened is this:  Striking union workers wanted more from Hostess, and the company claimed they have none left.  Unions didn’t believe them and kept striking.  Hostess apparently wasn’t bluffing about being low on cash, so they filed for chapter 11, and began closing factories.

So now what? Since there is so much value in the name recognition of brands like the Twinkie, someone will wind up those rights.  There’s so much money to be made by selling those tubes of sugar soaked in  fat stuffed with fat soaked in sugar that they will still get melded together.  Most likely by a Hostess that emerges from bankruptcy.  So go ahead, gorge yourself on the 6 month Twinkie supply you’ve hoarded.  There’s plenty more where those came from.  The Twinkie is too big to fail.


2 thoughts on “Relax everyone, Twinkies aren’t going away

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